What is ECHO?

ECHO Hub is quickly becoming something Spryfield is known for. This connected network of human services is committed to working with community members build capacity and increase access to services.  With “every door is the right door” as our motto, ECHO puts the individual first, supporting them with multiple services working together. For questions on how to access ECHO’s services in person contact us at 902-477-0964 ext. 25 or by e-mail at echo@chebuctoconnections.ca

ECHO was born from discussions at Chebucto Connections’ Multi-Service Roundtable meetings. Community members expressed a desire for better access to services and to date eighteen (and growing) ECHO member organizations stepped forward to address this need; working together to enhance the community’s access to a broader range of services while improving their capacity to reach more community members.

What do ECHO members do together?

ECHO members share a rotating schedule through Chebucto Connections Store Front Center at 531 Herring Cove Road and share a ‘virtual hub’ online to provide community with a ‘one-stop-shop’ where they can learn about, and access, all ECHO member services. Understanding that families and individuals have busy lives and that travel, work schedules, child care and/or limited information about services can be obstacles to accessing those services; ECHO members want to share information with community members about all relevant services or organizations. Set up a meeting or drop-in to the ECHO Office at 531 Herring Cove Rd. This is a benefit for community and also provides participating organizations with a way to be more efficient and effective by improving their service to, and access by, the community; thereby improving the lives of those of who live and work in the area.Every one of our 18 locations is the “right” door to access the services of ECHO Hub.

Who are the ECHO Hub Member Organizations?

Chebucto Connections (Home of the ECHO Hub Office) 531 Herring Cove Rd. Halifax, NS

(902) 477-0964

Captain Spry Public Library

(902) 490-5734

Chebucto Family Centre

(902) 479-3031

St. Paul’s Family Resource Institute

(902) 479-1015

YWCA, Spryfield

(902) 423-6162

Boys & Girls Club of Spryfield

(902) 477-9840

Early Years Centre (Rockingstone Heights)

Chebucto Community Health Team (CDHA, Primary Health, & IWK)

(902) 460-4560

Habitat for Humanity

Addictions & Mental Health – CDHA

Halifax Parks & Recreation

(902) 477-7665

(902) 490-4607

Metro Regional Housing Authority (Public Housing)

(902) 420-6039

Nova Scotia Legal Aid:

Social Justice (Housing, Income Assistance, etc): (902) 420-3464

Youth Justice: (902) 420-6569

Criminal Defense: (902) 420-6583

Phoenix Youth Programs


Progress Centre for Early Intervention

(902) 423-2686

SchoolsPlus (HRSB)


(902) 429-5878




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