What is ECHO?

Borne of discussions at Chebucto Connections’ Multi-Service Roundtable meetings, and supported by United Way funding, the Eastern Chebucto Hub Organization (ECHO) is a Greater Spryfield partnership whose work supports the range of factors that determine community and individual health. The eighteen (and growing) ECHO member organizations work together to enhance the community’s access to a broader range of services while improving their capacity to reach more community members.

What do ECHO members do together?

ECHO members share a rotating schedule through Chebucto Connections Store Front Center at 531 Herring Cove Road and share a ‘virtual hub’ online to provide community with a ‘one-stop-shop’ where they can learn about, and access, all ECHO member services.

Why was ECHO created?

Understanding that families and individuals have busy lives and that travel, work schedules, child care and/or limited information about services can be obstacles to accessing those services; ECHO members want to provide a local one-stop-shop where people can learn more about a service or organization, set up a meeting or drop-in to the Store Front to learn more about certain community resources.

This is a benefit for community and also provides participating organizations with a way to be more efficient and effective by improving their service to, and access by, the community; thereby improving the lives of those of who live and work in the area.

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